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DAVID ARMANO | Why mentoring is the leadership of the future #027

David Armano is a mentor. Yet, a mentoring role wasn’t something he initially quested, but came to discover.  It was supposed to be his opportunity to give back. He never imagined the impact it would have on himself.

David is the global strategy director for Edelman. His marketing genius has worked with HP, Kellogg’s, eBay, Adidas, Hilton, and many more. In addition, he’s contributed articles to the Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg, Businessweek, AdAge, Adweek and others.

On this show, we talk about millennial leadership, the dual nature of mentoring, and getting your eyes off of yourself.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Trying to maintain a sane personal life amongst a busy work schedule
  • Learning an immigrant, hard work mentality
  • The epiphany of you having to seek it
  • Organic nature of mentoring, reaching beyond professional to the personal
  • Millennials are often hungry to learn, craving relationship
  • Being generous with others, takes the focus off yourself
  • Increasing longevity of millennials in the workplace through mentoring
  • Why it’s always worth it to invest in someone
  • The power of your story can be the best guidance
  • Even those in the C-suite need mentors
  • Knowing your motivations is important
  • We are all involved in mentoring all the time, we just don’t realize it
  • You have to give yourself permission to be human
  • Why you shouldn’t confuse mentoring with networking
  • and more!

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

The Harvard Business Review article, “CEO’s need mentors too

Twitter @armano

David’s blog: Logic + Emotion


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