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MATT MILLER – Why you should run your own business #056

Matt Miller started a business and became an entrepreneur out of necessity. His finances weren’t matching his family’s needs and the economy wasn’t pushing business forward. In over the span of a week, four children knocked on his door selling things to raise money for their schools… Matt got an idea. His business Today, Matt…

Speaking to the US Army 307 ES Battalion #055

While my family visited the island of Oahu, an old friend that was in my youth group 25 years ago invited me on to speak to the 307th Expeditionary Signal Battalion.

I absolutely agreed to present and instead of talking about leadership or technology or any of the things I speak about professionally.. I spoke about some really uncommon topics for the military, because I felt it necessary to help them connect with their mindset and soul.

It was so warmly received, I was given permission to share it publicly… and that’s what we’re going to do today. I’m sharing with you, the recording of that speech with soldiers of the US Army base in Hawaii.

CHRIS MARLOW | Doing good is simple #053

Chris Marlow, in 2007, met a starving young orphan living in an abandoned gas station in Zimbabwe. That encounter compelled him to start Help One Now and dedicate his life to seeking justice by empowering leaders and organizing tribes to launch global movements that do good.

On this show we discuss making small actions to create huge impact in eliminating global poverty.

KEVIN ROBERTS | How fast can you fail, learn & fix #052

Kevin Roberts is, personally, experiencing a fail of his own creation. Recently, he did an interview for Business Insider and, unfortunately, was quoted saying some very irresponsible comments regarding gender equality in the advertising industry. That has cost him his job.

This interview was recorded before his career went sideways and I wrestled with publishing this show. In fact, I did reach out to his team to offer an opportunity for Kevin to share his side of the story. Unfortunately, they did not reply.

Regardless, I believe the content shared in this conversation is still packed with valuable content. I ask that you provide a level of grace to this man for a mistake he’s made and trust that this was a lesson for him to learn and grow… we all deserve that.

On this show, we discuss Kevin’s new book, 64 Shots, the rapid changes in today’s world, and approaching it differently and positively.

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