DAVE SANDERSON | Moments Matter: Miracle on the Hudson #060

Dave Sanderson was the last person off of the plane, US Airways Flight 1549, or “The Miracle on the Hudson.” Within only a few moments in the air, two engines went dead and Captain Sully glided into the Hudson River on January 15, 2009. The movie Sully, starring Tom Hanks, is about this story.

BRYCE PRESCOTT – Rules of Success #059

Bryce Prescott knows that the rules of success are more than principles of business, but executing through the challenges, trials, and emotions. On this show we discuss persevering through business challenges, mindset, and healthy living.

JONATHAN FIELDS | How to Live a Good Life #058

Jonathan Fields has cracked the code on living a good life. He’s a dad, husband, serial entrepreneur, growth strategist and award-winning author, Jonathan Fields inspires possibility. On this show we discuss talking about living a life of intention with vitality, contribution, and connection.

DANA OLIVER | Emotionally intelligent leadership and customer service #057

Dana Oliver used emotionally intelligent leadership at Medtronic to grow his business unit from $100million to $2billion in annual revenues. Sometimes, leadership looks like a self-advancing bully. Other times, leadership is an empowering opportunity for ownership and investment. As the Senior Director of Research & Development at Medtronic, Dana wrote a book, “Mantra Design”, revealing the secrets for profitable…