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How to live a life worth living #031

Living your life shouldn’t be a competition with those around you. Nor should it be a competition with other people in the world. The only person you should be in competition with is yourself.

You can have a life worth living. No matter where you are today and what you’re experiencing, you can level up to an effective, transformational future.

On this show, I share the two truths that create a life worth living.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Life is full of paradoxes
  • The two paradoxical truths of life
  • Life is not about me: The opposite of life is selfishness
  • A talk on “me”
  • Good things happen when you get out of the way
  • Life is all about me: You have one life to life
  • You are one in Seven Billion
  • There is no other you that do what only you can do
  • Our problem is that we don’t live for us, we live for others. We’re far too busy trying to impress, compete, and conquer others
  • Life is like golf: the harder you try, the worse you do
  • What if, instead, you lived trying to impress, compete, and conquer YOUR SELF?
  • Finally, you are life itself: Fill yourself up and give yourself away

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