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JOHN MICHAEL MORGAN | How to effectively grow your business, platform and life #007

John Michael Morgan, has been called the Chuck Norris of leadership and is known for his high energy and passion when teaching proven strategies designed to help achievers reach their goals. He’s served as a private consultant and mentor to bestselling authors, Fortune 500 companies, small business owners, entrepreneurs, celebrities, churches, and some of the world’s largest brands and high achievers. John is the bestselling author of Brand Against The Machine, and founder of the Achievers Alliance. He writes about achievement, leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

On this episode, John and I discuss overcoming self-sabotage, how to implement proven marketing strategies, and creating the best value for your customers to build your career, business, and life.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why sometimes you simply have to follow your gut
  • How focusing on who you help is more powerful than the focus on who you compete with
  • How to recognize when you’re self-sabotaging your own future
  • Why there’s room for everybody in your business vertical
  • Hear Angus sing a rendition of the Frozen song, “Do you want to build a business?”
  • The importance of assumption removal, when building a business
  • How to get effective third-party advice?
  • How to build effective opt-in lists for your website
  • Ideas for driving business, using email to create value for your customers
  • Why you don’t want to build your platform on someone else’s platform
  • Why the level of trust you build must match the level of your ask in marketing
  • Why having a coach is critical to a business owner filled with self-doubt and fear
  • How income improvement follows self-improvement
  • and more!

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

John’s Book:  Brand Against the Machine

Achievers Alliance

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