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AMBER HURDLE | How to effectively develop your inner greatness #035

Podcast Image - Amber Hurdle

Amber Hurdle certainly didn’t expect “greatness” when she became pregnant at Sixteen years of age. Yet, despite the challenges she faced, she persevered to earn her diploma, a college degree, and become a coach to Fortune 500 companies.

She is the founder of Bombshell Business Bootcamp, owner of both Moxie Internal Relations and Leadership Success Academy.

On this show we talk about developing company culture, releasing your inner greatness, and the core issues to leadership and influence.

Seven Keys to Unlock Your Amazing Future #029


No one can predict the future, but you can influence your own.

It was only five years ago that I began a journey that has coincided with the SXSW Interactive festival in Austin, Texas. Last week, I attended this event again, only to be reminded of how amazing this journey has been.

On this show, I share the specific principles that I believe directly impacted my life… and I believe, will transform your own future.

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