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MICHAEL BUNGAY STANIER | Why being lazy, curious, and often is the best leadership practice #051


Michael Bungay Stanier states that leadership is often missing the coaching opportunities that truly make managing easier and leading more empowering. In his new book, The Coaching Habit, Michael gives super practical direction on how to effectively interact with your team.

How to live in the present and unlock your amazing future #049


Living in the present is an easy concept to understand, but not always an easy one to walk out. For many, the past keeps us in a state of longing or regret. We either want to get back to the “good ol’ days” or feel crippled by the pain of some negative experience. On this show I’m flying solo to share with you some life-giving encouragement, connecting you to your inner core of power, and cultivate a sense of life satisfaction.

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HANS EARLY-NELSON | Coaching call with an artisan blacksmith from Minneapolis, Minnesota #048


Hans Early-Nelson requested some coaching from me. He’s an artisan metalsmith from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who specializes in custom metal fabricating, blacksmithing and jewelry. He’s a super-creative guy that reached out to me after listening to an interview I gave on another podcast.

In the email Hans sent me, he posed some initial questions about struggles he was having in business. I replied with some thoughts I had and then offered to do a pro-bono coaching call to see if we could explore his challenges a little more deeply as long as he allowed me to record it for the show.

AMBER HURDLE | How to effectively develop your inner greatness #035

Podcast Image - Amber Hurdle

Amber Hurdle certainly didn’t expect “greatness” when she became pregnant at Sixteen years of age. Yet, despite the challenges she faced, she persevered to earn her diploma, a college degree, and become a coach to Fortune 500 companies.

She is the founder of Bombshell Business Bootcamp, owner of both Moxie Internal Relations and Leadership Success Academy.

On this show we talk about developing company culture, releasing your inner greatness, and the core issues to leadership and influence.

DAVID RYAN TAYLOR | Why perfection is the enemy of good enough #034


David Ryan Taylor a amazing at photography. But he’s struggled with striving for perfection, being a mediocre businessman and often being terrible self-critic.

An internationally award-winning photographer, the challenges of building an actual business have been a strain on his creativity. Like many of us, he’s never fully given himself permission to commit one way or the other – build a sustainable photography business or treat his passion for what it is, a glorified hobby. It seems too scary to walk away from the safety and comforts of his plan-B, day job. Yet, maybe he doesn’t have to.

Today, we talk about facing our limiting beliefs, being our own worst critic, and the steps necessary to being your most effective self.