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SCOTT MONTY | Authentically building your own personal brand #044


Scott Monty built his own personal brand and then left the corporate world to build his own company, Scott Monty Strategies. He offers wise, actionable insights to help you build your own.

Scott spent six years as an executive at Ford Motor Company, as a strategic adviser on crisis communications, influencer relations, customer service, innovative product launches and more. He speaks to groups and advises brands and agencies to help them embrace the fundamentals of human communication in the digital age. His clients have included Walmart, IBM, Coca-Cola, American Airlines, T-Mobile and GE Software.

As a little treat, you’ll also hear him speak about his ongoing affinity and podcast, I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere.

On this show we discuss talking about yourself, building a personal brand, and putting yourself “out there”.

BRYAN KRAMER | How to Increase Customers and Communities #002

002 Bryan Kramer

Bryan Kramer is the CEO of PureMatter, an award winning global digital agency based in Silicon Valley. He’s a social strategist, TED speaker and recent author of the acclaimed book: Human to Human #H2H. Most recently… he interviewed 250 professionals in research of his newest book, “Shareology: How sharing powers the human economy”.

We discuss how all of us want to connect, feel we have value. Yet, many brands and marketers still broadcast messages lacking empathy, relevance, and engagement.

Today, discover why people share content and how you can connect and communicate with your community more effectively.

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JOEL COMM | Authentic Living and Entrepreneurship #001


Joel Comm is an Internet pioneer, New York Times best-selling author of The AdSense Code and Twitter Power 2.0 and serial entrepreneur. He’s spoken at TEDx speaker, and been ranked #1 in the top 25 Social Media Keynote Speakers You Need to Know. He’s sold a gaming company to Yahoo, hosted the very first internet reality show, and consults large brands like Microsoft, IBM, and Twitter.

He has appeared on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, on CNN online, on Fox News, and many other places.

Today, Joel offers unique perspective as one who has been wildly successful, yet discovered that the best of life is far simpler. With refreshing candor and light-heartedness, I think you’ll simply love discovering the important elements to fulfilling life and living.

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