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Chris Saad, Uber

Chris Saad, Uber

"Angus seems to have the charisma, empathy and affable nature to become a valuable member of any room or community he steps into. He's a diligent facilitator and puts everyone at ease while ensuring everyone has what they need to succeed. I love working with him!"

Fred Neil, Amazon

Fred Neil, Amazon

"Angus has surpassed all expectations in orchestrating outstanding member events where he has connected big brands and leading companies in the collaborative economy. Angus' passion and enthusiasm for what he does is both infectious, as well as inspiring."

Alex Rosen, Cisco

Alex Rosen, Cisco

"He is responsive, detail-oriented while also big-picture strategic and thinking. Angus is one of the key reasons all of the events, in-person and virtual, were so exceptional in both form and content. I love working with him, and hope to continue to do so!"

Tristan Every, ATech

Tristan Every, ATech

"The way he captures your attention and captivates your mind, with heartfelt experiences and truly inspiring words. One moment with Angus is never enough. We definitely would love to have him back in Aruba every chance we get!"

Top 5% Speaker by Monster.com

Top 20 Business Podcasts, 2015 - Inc.com

Coach to Fortune 500 leaders

Author of award-winning Love’s Compass

Creator of the Manhood Matrix: Building a Life of Legacy

Angus Knows Events

You’re in charge of an important event. You need an excellent experience for your attendees - you MUST have speakers that can share a message that’s smart, well constructed, and has impact.

I've been in your shoes, having personally organized over 200 live events - including programs at Disney, Whole Foods, Polycom, and Autodesk - I completely understand the needs of event managers like yourself.

Even better, I know the science of communicating effectively.

I spoke at corporate headquarters for Walmart, Coke, Hallmark and Swisscom and more. In addition, I led career development events at NASA Space and Rocket Center and the US Missile Defense Agency.

Having trained with Monster.com, my approval ranking topped in their Top 5% of speakers.

I know you're bored to death will dull speakers. You need someone to disarm and engage your top-level executives. You want people leaving your event inspired and energized. 

That's the part I want to help you with. I want to make you and your event shine.



Angus Knows People

When Angus takes the stage, his first goal is to disarm your audience. Pulling down emotional and psychological walls, he establishes trust and returns humanity to the room - he causes people to feel safe. Suddenly, real issues, conversations, and connections are possible.

This is his superpower.

He understands authenticity and vulnerability because he’s experienced life’s gut punches - lost businesses, addiction, and divorce.

Angus' story is the product of workaholism, ego, addiction, limiting beliefs, and low self-worth. He believes that from the place of brokenness comes beauty.

This is is especially true of entrepreneurial and corporate life.

Angus brings a truthfulness.

He communicates a humanity to the workplace, and re-connects people to the soul of business - people, relationship, respect, trust, and effective communication.

With studies in psychology and a high emotional IQ, Angus works as an executive coach, facilitator, and conflict resolution specialist.

Angus knows people.

Benefits of working with Angus:

  • Your needs and content will be respectfully considered by a seasoned veteran speaker thats flexible, thoughtful, and courteous.
  • You will receive a customized speaking deck - on time, in your format, and on your topic.
  • Your speaker will show up when, where, and how you’ve asked him to show up.
  • Your audience will engage deeply relevant, captivating, and unique content.

Angus delivers.

Endorsement: Kelly Hoey, Inc.com

Endorsement: Oscar Kneppers, Rockstart

2018 Speaking Schedule

Feb 1-3, Dad2Summit - New Orleans
Feb 7-8, MGM Resorts Social Summit - Las Vegas
Feb 28-Mar 2, Social Media Marketing World - San Diego
May 24-25, Pioneers Conference - Vienna, Austria (pending)
May 29-30, Spark Conference - Montenegro
June 20-21st, Social Media Week - Lima, Ohio
July 23-26, Podcast Movement - Philadelphia (pending)


"Angus is a dynamic, passionate leader who inspires those around him to achieve greatness."

Alison Gregg, Leadership Huntsville

"Angus shares solid leadership ideas and philosophy in a captivating way. He's an exceptional person with a true gift for engaging any audience."

Julie Slaten, CSC

"His energy is contagious, and his genuine interest in the participants was compelling."

Lucia Cape, Huntsville Chamber

"I can honestly say that your motivational presentation ranked in the top ten as one of the best we have experienced at Calhoun."

Dr. Kermit Carter, Dean of Student Affairs, Calhoun Community College

"Angus is a guy you need to listen too! I love his heart and his ability to connect with people on real issues."

David Childers, The Duncan Group

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Most Requested Topics

INFLUENCER MARKETING AND THE HONING OF HUMANITY: New marketing strategies to create brand influence (corporate, influencer marketing)

Your brand is fighting a near impossible battle… the battle for customer attention, influence, and relevance. In this talk, Angus will uncover new marketing strategies that include influencer marketing, company culture, customer experience, and the collaborative power of your crowd.

Discover how to hone the humanity of your brand through the following elements of influence: 1. Statement of Worth;  2. Key Paradox Indicators;  3. Return on Intention
  • How to take an emotionally intelligent approach to marketing - Emoting your customer
  • How to host relevant Groups in your FB Page to influence users, collaborators and customers. - Endearing your customers
  • How to relinquish power in order to gain influence with “the ask” - Empowering your customers



Technology, access, and innovation are rapidly changing the landscape of what’s possible all while adoption rates of these new opportunities is skyrocketing. What will you do when career path is disrupted by an ever increasing on-demand workforce, artificial intelligence, and the autonomous world? Your industry will be disrupted - how can you prepare? Join Angus on this unprecedented journey of what’s unfolding; where the research is pointing, and how you can get in front of it.

  • Evaporated Employee - full-time roles are disappearing, companies lost incentive to keep you, and the ever-growing on-demand workforce
  • Blacksmith, Butcher & Mixologist - specialists exceed generalists, back to the future
  • Learners are leaders - ever changing landscape requires ever changing knowledge base
  • Brand You - you will be your own company: marketing, sales, project management, contracts
  • Networks & Delegation  - relationships, reputation, and building your own team
  • Friction Prediction - threats & opportunities, decay or disrupt


FEAR OF SUCCESS (motivational, entrepreneurship)

Startup… Pitching, funding, growth, hiring… they’re all very critical to the start of anything new. Yet, those are not the biggest hurdles towards a worthwhile venture. It starts with your mind - get that straight and far more fulfilling and effective efforts are unleashed. Want be your most effective self? In this talk, Angus will systematically take you through the core understandings, emotionally and psychologically, to inspire your audience to take ownership of their personal development.

  • The hardest part is the start - courage to put yourself out there
  • Growing is going - continuing to grow and learn requires continual challenge
  • Mental Motivation - you don't fear failure, you question if you can become who you know you need to become, in order to do what you know you were born to do (Do I matter, Do I deserve, Do I know)
  • Third Party Validation - Coaches, Mentors, and Therapists, oh my!
  • GSD - Execution trumps ideas
  • Don't Stop Believing - Journey is more than an 80's rock band, it's the destination


MANAGING MILLENNIALS (leadership, corporate, future of work)

While the largest workforce in history is flooding into our offices, the stereotypes of their behavior, needs, and habits run rampant. And while some of those labels are undeserved, many of them require a new philosophy of leadership. Past techniques and protocol for management are increasingly being replaced with emotional intelligence, intention, and mindfulness. How can you harness and empower this uniquely skilled generation to empower your company? Angus will reveal the latest research, trends, and best practices for maximizing your millennials.

  • Twerkforce Development - preparing for the inevitable
  • Royal affairs - contending entitlement, outspokenness, and perceived laziness
  • Gifted and Talented - Understanding the special talents of this cadre, millennial mindsets
  • Empowering a Millennial Mindset - creating a culture of emotional intelligence, personal development
  • Expectations & Environments - the changing dynamics of management
  • Unleashing Your Powerhouse - engaging these new concepts


HOW TO NETWORK WITH AUTHENTICITY AND CREDIBILITY: OWN THE ROOM AND LEAVE AN IMPRESSION (corporate, entrepreneurship, professional development, motivational)

Networking… a word, for some, that seems really scary. For others, it sounds like an excuse to get out of the office and party. Yet networking is a critical component to furthering careers and relationships. Your career is significantly impacted by who you know, but more importantly, the value you offer. In this talk, Angus offers practical, actionable insights that make all the difference between being forgotten or remembered.

  • The difference between networking for manipulation versus multiplication of relationships
  • Leaving an impression - unique engagement, empowering dialogue, and creating intrigue
  • What you don’t say is more important than what you do
  • Begin within - approaching people confidently and effectively
  • Intrigue, mystique, and empowerment - conversation, connection, and  impact
  • The never fail follow up

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Chris Saad, Uber

"Angus seems to have the charisma, empathy and affable nature to become a valuable member of any room or community he steps into. He's a diligent facilitator and puts everyone at ease while ensuring everyone has what they need to succeed."