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I've spent the last 3 years building Crowd Companies with Jeremiah Owyang in the center of the collaborative economy.

I worked with executives of 74 of the largest brands in the world including Walmart, GE, Ford, Verizon, Allianz, and Johnson & Johnson...

I can help you too.


Sharing Economy • IoT • Blockchain • Future of Work • AI • Autonomous Vehicles


Total funding in the Collaborative Economy =  $33,010,355,361

Number of Startups = over 9,000 (

Average Funding (outside of Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb) = $88,052,866

For Comparison

Total Social Network Funding = $5,743,800,00




Companies Ranking Innovation As Top Strategic Priority

BCG Global Innovation Survey 2015


Believe Technology Platforms Will Have Biggest Impact On Their Industry

BCG Global Innovation Survey 2015


Software and Internet Increase Spending On R&D Increase Last Year

Bloomberg Data, Capital IQ Data

My Specialties

The Sharing Economy

I have access to thought leaders, consultants and corporations focused on the elements of peer to peer models.

Future of Work

Research to the changing dynamics of workforces. The basis of my book, Empowering Work (2o17).

Creative Facilitation

I help brands craft creative solutions and brainstorm disruptive business models.


Denise Fletcher

Denise Fletcher, VP & Chief Innovation Officer, Xerox

"Angus is a demonstrated thought leader in engaging a high energy fortune 500 team in collaborative discussions with start up companies around the future of crowds in the workplace and connecting the dots to the possibilities in the future of work. His thought provoking content and facilitation in these discussion is so important to promoting innovation and growth."


Lance Richards, Vice President, Office of Innovation, Kelly Services

"Angus has proven to be engaging as a presenter and facilitator, highly articulate in his discussions, and has a keen grasp of the various business issues which Crowd’s client members face. He can simultaneously execute extreme focus and tremendous personal touch- an unusual combination of skills."


Bill Johnston, Director, Online Community & Customer Experience, Autodesk

"Angus through Crowd Companies, and have found his leadership in and facilitation of the group incredibly valuable. A genuinely warm, knowledgable and engaging person - Angus is a pleasure to work with."


Roland Smart, VP of Social & Community Marketing, Oracle

"Angus is a consummate networker, communicator, master of ceremonies, and community leader. He's been instrumental in keeping the CrowdCompanies membership engaged and productive."

More Testimonials

"I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Angus last year during a Crowd Companies workshop in Austin, TX. I was immediately drawn to him and found his leadership style to be overwhelmingly positive and inspiring. He has a natural ability to bring people together and draw the best out of people. Angus has amazing networking and community management skills. He is one of those people that you just want to know more about and find opportunities to work with just so you can be around him."

~ Ann Thayer, Verizon

"It has always been a pleasure to work with Angus. He is very focused on customer engagement, very passionate and a great networker. Angus has very good moderation skills and has always been very active on managing the member community. Looking forward to continuing working with him."

 ~ Gregory Leproux, Swisscom

"I have never seen anyone more energetic, hard working, and positive."

~ David Mathis, ServisFirst Bank

"Angus has proven himself to be an astute but engaged visionary. He is able to work with others around ideas and build a great environment."

~ Patrick Grayson, The Kaizen Group Associates


"The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation."

~ Bob Iger

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