Do you practice kindness to yourself?

Ever had someone say something nice or encouraging to you and, instead of feeling good, you felt terrible about it?

People will make a statement about us… We turn it into a question:

• Did they really mean that?
• What did they really mean?
• Yea, but what about?

We turn compliments into criticisms.

This is a core, limiting belief… And we don’t have to allow it.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Where you feel you may have failed in the past, instead, let it be a place of strength – what you’ve learned, how you’ve grown.

This is a journey you’re on. Embrace it.

You are perfect just like you are.

Though you may not have arrived at where you think you should be, you’ve left where you were.

Practice kindness to yourself.
Love you.
Be amazing.

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