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Clear Messaging: Making Your Business Referral-Ready

Steve Woodruff, the "King of Clarity", delivers the purpose and framework of a strong "clarity message" - establishing a clear, easy to remember statement for your business, effective for customers and referrals of your product or service.


​5​ ​Email​ ​Rapid Rapport​ ​Building​ ​Sequence

Someone subscribes to your email list, this is the most excited they will ever be to hear from you. In this class, Neal Samudre, an expert copywriter and funnel builder, reveals his best techniques to immediately connecting with your new found follower.


How to Create Your Best Content and Be Fearless in Your Craft

Kyle Young, Creator of The Science of Achievement and author of “QuitterProof: The 5 Beliefs of Highly Successful People”, shares the specific techniques to move you forward and serve your audience most effectively.


Create an Unforgettable Brand That Sets You Apart

In this class, Pamela Wilson, shares the simple reference points to creating an amazing brand including how to use fonts effectively, how to pair colors, and what kinds of images will best represent your brand.


How to Sell With Instagram

Join the Millionaire Barber, Uchendi Nwani, as he shares one of the most under-utilized tools in social media sales... Instagram. In this class, discover quick-hit insights into how you can get started selling on your Instagram account today!


Developing Your Business Brand Promise

Amber Hurdle, founder of Bombshell Business Bootcamp, instructs how to use words that express the essence of your brand. She'll guide you in an exercise, a formula to design your supercharged brand promise.


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