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How can you inspire others

if you're not inspired by

the person in the mirror?


UIYB 013: How to be thankful and 8 reasons for my gratitude

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UIYB 012: 3 keys to improving your life with improv with Dave Delaney

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Hi there, I'm Angus. I work with top executives from around the world. I want to help you:

  • Find your purpose
  • Know you're not alone, whatever your struggle
  • Accept who you are, not who you think you "should" be
  • Discover intention, humility, and heaps of gratitude
  • Lead from a place of abundance, fulfillment and impact
  • Communicate effectively


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If your relational life has been a success story, then this book is not for you. But if you have ever: felt alone and lonely, wondering if this is all it adds up to . . . found yourself on the losing end of a relationship, wondering if there can ever be a next time . . . pounded yourself in guilt and shame for falling into old patterns . . . questioned if you are even capable of healthy relationships because of the wreckage in your past . . . then read on.


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